Art Jakarta holds on to its main vision to be the Southeast Asian-focused art fair in Asia, and one of the most exciting art fairs in the region. It is hosted in the region’s dynamic centre of contemporary art and is always a stimulating international forum for key stakeholders in Asia to serve the region’s contemporary art ecosystem.
Art Jakarta has drawn personalities who strongly believe in the potential of the Fair. These individuals have previously had their share of contributions to the region’s contemporary art scene. Coming together to run the Fair, they are united by their passion for the art.

These experienced and diverse individuals are committed to realising an art fair that’s true to the spirit of the city and a reflection of the ever-amazing creativity of the country. Driven not only by professionalism but also by the love of the art world, each member is dedicated to taking meticulous care of every aspect of the Fair.
Tom Tandio
Fair Director
Enin Supriyanto
Artistic Director
Hafidh A. Irfanda
VIP Relations Director
Gil Schneider
Fair Consultant
Henricus Linggawidjaja
Design Director
Indra Leonardi
Photography Director
Penny Binarwati
Show Manager
Vicky Rosalina
Partnership Manager
Fiesta Ramadanti
Exhibitors Manager
Maya J.
VIP Relations Manager
M. Andrew Aryanto
Coordinating Manager
Ninus Andarnuswari
Vivin P. Yanti
Media Relations Officer
Mr. Deddy Kusuma
Chair of Board of Patrons
Board of Patrons
International senior collectors who have long been active in the region’s contemporary art scene and amassing a remarkable portfolio of collections. These individuals have been passionately devoting their time, energy, and care to the art world in various meaningful ways.

Mr. Deddy Kusuma
Mr. Rudy Akili
Mr. Jim Amberson
Mr. Hady Ang
Mrs. Kim Camacho
Mr. Disaphol Chansiri
Mr. Jaesung Choi
Mr. Zhou Chong
Mr. Evan Chow
Mrs. Rina Ciputra
Mr. Ichiro Fukano
Mr. Budi Haryono
Mr. Lu Xun
Mr. Daisuke Miyatsu
Mrs. Alexandra Prasetio
Mr. TK Quek
Ms. Eva Ruiz
Mr. Lo Hengky Senjaya
Mr. Alain Servais
Mr. Bingley Iskandar Sim
Mr. Hermanto Soerjanto
Mr. Ferry Sudjono
Mr. Laksamana Sukardi
Mr. Pakhruddin Sulaiman
Mr. Syakieb Sungkar
Mr. Kenneth Tan
Datuk Marcus Tan Ser Lay
Mr. Prasodjo Winarko
Natasha Sidharta & Christina Lim
Co-chairs of Board of Young Collectors
Board of Young Collectors
Young collectors in Indonesia and abroad who creatively support the contemporary art scene. They not only collect artworks but also promote projects, sponsor events, and host dinners for future collectors to pass on the spirit.

Natasha Sidharta
Christina Lim
Arif Suherman
Arno Setiawan
Bill Cheng
Cosmas Gozali
Christine Radjimin
Daniel Budiman
Douglas Lim
Erastus Radjimin
Evelyn Halim
Fenessa Adikoesoemo
Iwan Kurniawan Lukminto
Indra Leonardi
Jeyson Pribadi
Konfir Kabo
Nathaniel P. Gunawan
Omar Rahmanadi
Paula Dewiyanti
Rudi Lazuardi
Sigit Santosa
Stephanie Alim
Sunarto Tinor
Susan Aryanthi Santoso
Wiyu Wahono
Winda Malika Siregar
Yohana Irawan
Yudi Wanandi
Widya Surya, Lina Koswara, Sese Tjioe, and Melani Setiawan
Selected individuals who are known for their integrity in their respective fields, in which they represent Art Jakarta.

Melani Setiawan
Sese Tjioe
Widya Surya
Lina Koswara
Christie Leonardi
Lina Lau
Gwen The
Fiona Yuan
Dian Sastrowardoyo
Chair of Board of Friends
Board of Friends
Key Opinion Leaders who help Art Jakarta to resonate among a wider audience.

Dian Sastrowardoyo
Fresh Venue
Art Jakarta 2023 maintains the high standard of an international art fair at the new venue, JIExpo Kemayoran. One of the largest of its kind in Indonesia, JIExpo Kemayoran is well-equipped with all the requisite facilities to create a smooth exhibition experience for both exhibitors
and visitors.
By the leading lifestyle group
Art Jakarta is the brainchild of MRA Media, Indonesia’s leading lifestyle group that runs international magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Her World, and CASA. MRA also holds the licenses of the high-end retail brands Bulgari, Häagen Dazs, Bang & Olufsen, and Hard Rock Café. In addition, MRA runs five brands of lifestyle and entertainment radio stations, some of which are known as the pioneers of the industry. MRA Media, building bridges of taste and appreciation, ensures broad and in-depth lifestyle media coverage for the right audience in Indonesia.
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