Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi: Balitsa Ehoor

Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi, fondly known as Tepu (b. 1985, Indonesia) incorporates his scientific background in order to create a conceptual foundation for his artworks. Having studied in agronomy and printmaking, Tepu’s works express a collision between aesthetics and science in a graceful manner. He creates immersive environments sparked by his interest in the networked and interconnected nature of ecologies. For Art Jakarta Spot 2019, Tepu brings ‘Balitsa Ehoor,’ a new project featuring 200 vertical steel bars grown with lichen. Shown in a massive installation, this work illuminates passing of time and the parallels we may discover in relation to our surroundings. ‘Balitsa Ehoor’ will be presented by ROH Projects for this year’s Art Jakarta Spot.